MomsTO Niagara
is a mom community

As an official chapter of MomsTO, we are fuelling the millennial mom movement across the Niagara Region, bringing moms together to celebrate motherhood, celebrate themselves in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Whether you’re on mat leave, a first time or a second time mom,
you’ll find the mom tribe you’ve been craving right here.

Welcome to the
motherhood revolution.

There really is no sisterhood like motherhood.

Welcome to MomsTO Niagara!

I’m Vickie, a married mom of two kids, 9 and 5, one neuro-typical and one with special needs. 

As a chapter of @momstoronto, I’m part of a group of open-minded, fun loving moms who are reinventing maternity leave and redefining what it’s like to be a mom, through epic events (online & in-person), authentic community and best-in-class education. 

You are now a part of a mom community like NO OTHER.

We’re breaking down the barriers of isolation and loneliness, bringing Niagara moms a great day and ensuring NO MOM IS LEFT BEHIND.

I’m so excited to welcome you into this bad-ass mama community.

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