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Our Next Event...

Save the dates and stay tuned for our first Signature event, held October 19th with a rain date of October 22.

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MomsTO Niagara Events

MomsTO Niagara events are unique, fun and judgement-free. We bring moms at every stage of early motherhood together to celebrate each other as women AND as mothers. You can bet your banana pancakes that there’ll be an event that works for you!

What’s Included?

Everything, hon. You won’t be left with a bill, a tip or any other obligation when you attend a MomsTO Niagara Event.

What’s the Vibe?

Every mom who attends a MomsTO Niagara event is treated like the royalty she is.

These events are about you, giving you the break you want, uniting you with the friends you love (and new ones too!), and connecting you with the educators and professionals you need.

Alcohol is supplied but never pushed. You’ll find non-alcoholic bevvies available at every event too!

Can I bring my baby? How about my toddler?

The answer is yes! Most of our events cater to babes 0-3 years, but if you’d like to bring your big kid too, just let us know!

You’ll have the freedom to nurse, bottle feed, pump, whatever. There’ll be a clean station to change a bum, and room to park your stroller.

Our events are planned FOR MOMS, BY MOMS, so everything is taken care of.

What Kind of Events?

Moms Night Out

The break we ALL need and DESERVE, usually held on a weeknight, moms only!

Mom n’ Babe Lunches

Picnics, brunches, mimosas and mamas doin’ their thing!

Mom Boss Evenings

Coming soon!

As we grow, you can expect a few signature events to crop up too! We can’t wait to see you!

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